Panam Rental Program

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Panam Rental Program lets you rent all or just a few nights, and there are no up-front fees. Visit Panam Rental Program for more details.

You may also download the Rental Forms from the members’ portal here.

Rental Program - Some Rules
  • Only members of the Resorts who have not previously obligated the use of their unit can enroll in Panam Rental Program. If a unit has been exchanged or deposited with any exchange company it cannot be enrolled in Panam Rental Program.
  • Panam rental program enrollment can be processed up to 12 months prior to your interval/week.
  • You can rent the whole unit (Villa) or any part thereof (Suite, Room/Lock-off/Jr. Suite, or Studio). Rentals will be processed on a first deposited, first rented basis.
  • Units will be rented on a per night basis. You may enter your unit in Panam Rental Program from one (1) to seven (7) nights.
  • You must be in good standing and current with all financial obligations related to your unit at the time of distribution to receive proceeds from the rental of your unit.
  • Additional rules apply. Click here for more details.